I Wish I Knew What to Believe
I Wish I Knew What to Believe

We all have doubts and questions. Is God really out there? What's the right thing to believe in? Does this God even care about me? Follow along with us as we look at these questions and find answers by looking at the evidence.

No Blind Faith April 20, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

This Easter, Jesus is calling you - the unbeliever, the sinner, the skeptic - to follow him. Find out why in this message from Pastor Rick.

Is There a God? April 27, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

What you believe about the existence of God determines what you believe about your own existence. Discover if there is a God in this message shared by Pastor Rick.

The Suspension of Disbelief May 4, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

Many scientists who teach the theory of evolution know that it is not true. So why do they suspend their disbelief despite the scientific evidence that proves evolution is impossible? Find out why in this message from Pastor Rick.

Observable Evidence May 11, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

In order to know what to believe, you must first observe the evidence. Join Pastor Rick as he sifts through the evidence for creation and evolution.

God and Astronomy May 18, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

When you carefully consider the marvels of the universe, you will know there is a God. Journey with Pastor Rick as he demonstrates how astronomy points to the existence of God.

God and Science May 25, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

God wants you to know that He is the One True God. Follow along as Pastor Rick uncovers the scientific evidence that proves the God of the Bible is the only true God.

Beyond a Shadow Of a Doubt June 1, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

Prophecy proves God is the One True God and Jesus is the Messiah. Learn how God's predictions have come true in this message by Pastor Rick.

The Bible Tells Me So June 8, 2014  //  Rick Blackwood, Lead Pastor

The Bible is no ordinary book. It is God's true word written especially for you. Join Pastor Rick as he reveals the evidence that proves the Bible is the true word of God.